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Hersheyblu Stylez

Hersheyblu Stylez

Ayanna “Hersheyblu Stylez” Lawrence is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and Trinidad who is making beauty her legacy. Ayanna has built her brand of making her clientele feel and look beautiful in their own skin by educating herself on proper hair and skin care and appropriate products and services that cater to their individual needs. Over the past 22 years Ayanna has gained a vast amount of experience from various salons, which has earned her the title of a “multicultural stylist.” Although Ayanna loves to express her creativity through any style, she specializes in lavish extensions, precise haircuts, and funky bold coloring!  


Ayanna has worked with many local stylist in the DMV area as well as gained an unmeasurable amount of experience from studying the work of celebrity stylist, Kim Kimble, Tabatha Coffey and Wayne The Barber . She has developed relationships with schools in Baltimore City, which allows her to mentor students who are enrolled in the cosmetology trade in an effort to expose them to the daily operations of the hair industry. Because of Ayanna’s passion to teach others she has traveled across the country to share her knowledge.

Ayanna understands that creating hair styles is an art that is expressed in many ways; therefore, she uses multiple platforms to showcase her work. She has been featured in Style Q magazine and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest displaying her many creative styles that have the “BLU” touch. Ayanna is the proud owner of her own salon, Blu Beauty Bar Salon, located in White Marsh, Maryland.

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