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Finding the Best Topper

How do I find the best hair HBS Hair Topper?

Introduction: Toppers comes in variety of sizes and styles and we understand the selection can intimidating. We'll walk you through how to pick a Topper I. 4 easy steps.

Step1. Measure for Size ( 2 demo pies of me measuring my head)

Measuring your bald ir thinning area(s) is imperative to choosing a Topper large enough that it clips into healthy sections of hair. Add about an inch to each measurement and choose Topper size that matches. Visit our guide on how to measure for a HBS topper! How to measure for HBS Hair Toppers

Introduction: A simple, chic and stylish way to give your hair more volume, our natural -looking hair toppers ate a very popular choice for the experiencing hairloss, hair thinning or Alopecia.

Why is measuring for hair toppers important? Measuring before you buy a hair topper ensure you choose the correct base size for your area of hairloo. Measuring correctly will help prevent your hair topper from shifting, pulling and potentially creating more hair loss. This is important for all hair toppers, lace front hair toppers or without a lace front.



There is no easier way to determine your area of hair loss than looking in a mirror! Examine your hair closely and identify the main area of loss, thinning, balding, patchy hair you would like your hair topper to cover.

STEP 2. MEASURE WIDTH AND LENGHT (2 pictures of me demo the measurements)

Use your measuring tape to measure the width and length of the area(s) of hair loss. To avoid irritation and additional hair loss and 1" to each of the measurements. The extra space will allow your hair to cip into strong hair follicles, beyond the area of hair loss, which supports the weight of the hair.

Example, if your sides to side (width) is 3" and front to back (length) is measurement is 4", you will need a base size that measure at 4"x5".

Step 3. Area of Hair Loss+ Measurements = Coverage Needed

Now that you know your measurements and area of hair loss, you know to coverage Needed! This means your ready to start shopping! Picking the perfect hair topper is a very personal choice. Decide what you're looking for- what style, lace front, lace closure or no lace at all. We offer ready to wear hair toppers with or without lace closure, lace front for your convenience.


Once you believe you have found the

perfect hair topper, compare the style to your measurements. Keep in mind that hair topper must clip into strong hair follicles. Remember this 1" beyond the area of hair loss.

Because your area of hair loss may change of shift. It's imperative to keep your measurements documented and re­-measure every 6 months.

We hope this step- by-step tutorial has help guide you in measuring for your next hair toppe. BEST INVESTMENT EVER!!!

Step 2. Choose your texture (fiber) (picture of a demo)

Deciding between human hair, mix blend (combination of human and synthetic hair) hair depending on your lifestyle and hair goals. If your looking for versility and has natural blend with your natural (biological hair) hair as well as freedom to cut, color style with hot tools. If you are about low maintenance, a mix blend is usually the best choice because it doesn't require heat styling.

Mix blend hair have the shortest life span of about 3 to 6 months and human hair upto 1 year with proper care.

Step 3. Choose your length

(Pictures of me just about to clip on) Measure your hair from root to tops and puck style that closely matches your length. If you have layered hair, you can usually also pull of a shorter topper in with layers. If you have shorter hair, a longer toppe can transform your look on seconds. Take your topper to a stylist who is experienced in working with hair pieces or book an appointment with me, so we can help blend ir into your natural hair.


Choose your desired color and texture type your looking to purchase, and always make sure that the topper you're chose matches your natural hair. Color option on the website will help to give you an idea of desired color.


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